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Through my website, I'm raising money to support Heal-a-Child.

On my website, I provide valuable information that is free-of-cost. If you have benefitted from my work, please consider making a contribution as a way to show your gratitude.

Heal-a-Child Foundation is a Charitable trust and Non-Profit Organization, founded with the mission to save sick children who may not survive, not because of their illness, but because the family cannot afford to pay the medical expenses that come with prolonged in-patient treatment at the hospital.


2020 has been a challenging time for HAC. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, donations have reduced significantly.


In 2020 alone,

  • 73 critically ill children were saved with a support amount of Rs. 68,49,682/-.

  • 349 newborns were supported at Niloufer NICU where HAC paid for the nurses’ salaries and disposables cost of Rs.33,78,923/-.

Your donation & support will give these children

the ‘gift of life’.

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