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Hi, I'm Moksh.


I'm passionate about human health and performance. 


I started this website in high school to provide simple & practical information on health that is easy to understand and utilize in our day-to-day lives.

All my articles are backed by research. I hope you find them useful and implement changes in your lifestyle to improve your health and wellbeing.




"Very well written Moksh. Very mature and insightful write up. For someone to understand & lucidly express the meaning, significance & importance of ‘Breath’ at a young age, is a great virtue."

Dr. P. Raghu Ram

Officer of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (OBE) 2021

Dr. B C Roy National Award 2016

India Padma Shri Award 2015

Founder of Ushalakshmi Breast Cancer Foundation

"Love the blog - this is very motivational and inspirational Moksh - very well done indeed. Keep going with this!"

Oli Tooher-Hancock Ed.D.

Former Head of School ISH

"Very well compiled.... great are really leading people towards moksh."

Dr. Surendra Ugale

Director at Kirloskar Hospital, Hyderabad

"Hi Moksh, marvellous articles. The concept of replacing a cardio workout with a HIIT workout  makes so much sense - and fit in better with my time hungry lifestyle. Plus the variety of HIIT exercise keeps us sharper and our body guessing as to what is coming next. Thanks!"

Mike Hancock

 Former Athletics Director ISH

"Amazing stuff Moksh. I am a doctor and I am super impressed that an 11th grader has such passion about health and fitness."

Dr. Sam

"What a great resource you have created, Moksh! I just tried the Bellow's Breath and it really gave me a lift after a long day at my laptop."

Linda LaPine

Head of School ISH

"Very much useful to improve ones health, keep going moksh !! God bless you, thanks for helping people attain better health."

Venu Thota

"Your thorough research is very commendable. I love updating my knowledge on the subjects that you so passionately research upon & throw light on . Always looking forward to reading your updates and opinions on such important matters. Great going Moksh."

Archana Ramesh


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